Virtual event Vs webinar - the key differences_background

New technologies and the current health situation have boosted virtual meetings between professionals.

Nowadays, companies are innovating: instead of offering the usual webinar and videoconference, they provide comprehensive virtual events. So how to choose? What are the advantages of a virtual event platform?

👉 Spotlighting participants

Webinar, a variety of video conference, enables participants to attend a presentation on a specific topic. However, they don’t let attendees participate a lot with each other.

Virtual and hybrid events propose a lot more: online event platforms make it possible to put every participant at the forefront. Speakers, sponsors, organizers and clients can therefore share their opinions thanks to several features:

  • The creation of a user profile that builds a genuine relationship with users
  • An unlimited access to live video calls
  • Accessible chats on several levels (in duo, or in group !)
  • Very varied, rich and catching content

🎉 Choosing a virtual event platform is also choosing to create a strong, dynamic and engaged community, making participants feel valued.


🖥 Gathering methods

The webinars are built on a unique operating mode: the speaker takes the floor and gives his presentation while the participants listen and consume the information.

An online event is a whole different setting. The strategy is designed on an exploration and an interaction basis. Participants are encouraged to express themselves and interact with each other over various tools:

  • Live videos
  • Simultaneous speakers presentations
  • One-to-one and one-to-many networking exchanges
  • Virtual round tables and interactive exhibitor stands
  • Online meeting chat

In short, virtual events boost communication between participants, but also with presenters. Each party has a role to play within the community!

💯 User experience

Webinars are a real time experience. They are not intended to grow neither in time nor in space. They are exclusively created to enable participants to consume the information they came for.

At an online event, attendees can express themselves at will, through different channels. This is how the user experience evolves. The virtual event allows guests to meet, discuss and share:

  • Over live meetings
  • Through exploration and simultaneous sharing
  • At workshops or interactive and fun sessions
    Participants can also switch from one live to another 👀, while a webinar encourages them to bounce back if the current live does not appeal to them.

🙋 The number of participants

Places are limited on a webinar. First come, first served ! Companies often have to pay more to increase the number of participants.

While online event platform can:

  • Gather an unlimited number of people
  • Unite people from around the world
  • Overcome time constraints with replays

With virtual events, your community expands and enriches itself : no frustration, everyone can participate anytime, anywhere !

👉At MeltingSpot we believe that virtual events will become the new step of inbound strategy. They are attracting more and more people today and in the coming years.

⚙ Very specific features

Webinars, like video conferencing systems, have fairly common features.

The virtual event is an all-in-one tool. The event creation platforms smooth the overall management of the event. At MeltingSpot, we support you from A to Z.

The tool manages the entire life cycle of the online event:

  • Multiple appointments made during the event
  • A simultaneous video stream
  • Replay recording
  • The creation of a virtual agenda
  • Interactive virtual stands
  • Automation of communication and promotional marketing
  • Journey and user experience assessment

🚀 The platform gives much better control of your event : enabling brand promotion, attracting new prospects while improving customer retention and relationship : an asset for your inbound marketing strategy !

🚀 The virtual event allows you to create a lot of high-quality content and exchanges, with your own touch of originality and creativity. The more the interactions, the more engaged the community. Do you want to get started?

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