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Can you imagine customers eagerly buying your new product or service, something you're proud of, only to feel lost when trying to get started? Yes, that might be happening right under your nose! You may have been unknowingly sending tons of customers away due to unsuccessful customer onboarding.

In fact, a whopping 55% of people say they've returned a product because they didn't understand how to use it. Shocking, isn't it? (Source)

It might seem confusing and terrifying, but don't worry; MeltingSpot is here to answer all your questions on customer onboarding, its importance, and the best strategies to build the most successful onboarding journey! 

What Does “Building” A Customer Onboarding Journey Mean? 

Customer onboarding is a friendly way of helping new customers get to know your product or service. During this journey, you give them a warm welcome and provide all the important details, coaching, and support they need to feel comfortable and confident in using what you offer.

Did you know that for 70% of customers, understanding how they use products and services is a big deal—it's a key factor in winning their trust. (Source)

But how can you actually “build” this journey? It should be simple, right? Just give a guidebook where everything about the product or service is listed, and that should be it! No, that is not right! This is where the “building factor” comes in. 

Today, introducing a product or service isn't just about handing out a guidebook. In our fast-paced lives, people don't have the time or patience for complex introductions. That's why customer onboarding should be a friendly tour you initiate, which is super clear and simple. No complicated stuff! 

Always remember that in a world flooded with information, simplicity stands out. It's like giving people a smooth road where they can easily find what they need. 

So, when we talk about "building" a customer onboarding journey, we mean constructing an experience that is more than a list of facts; it's about creating a friendly and straightforward initiation that guides users smoothly into understanding and appreciating your product. 

However, it is very important to note that onboarding is not just a one-time action; it's an ongoing journey. Your approach should extend beyond the initial introduction. As you roll out new features and updates, it's best to continuously guide your customers through these changes. This is where the aspect of finely tuned customer education comes into play. It's a commitment to ensure that your users are well-versed with every new development, which will ultimately foster a deep understanding of all your products. 

It won't be wrong to say that effective onboarding is a process that evolves with your customer's journey. Embracing this dynamic process means that your onboarding isn't just an introduction; it's a pathway to a positive and lasting relationship between your customers and what you offer.

Why Does Customer Onboarding Matter?

Now that you know what it means to "build" a customer onboarding journey, you might be wondering why it really matters

Just picture this scene: You decide to try out a new restaurant in town. Excited about the menu, you step inside, but the lack of clear directions leaves you unsure about the process. Do you seat yourself? Wait to be seated? It's a confusing start that impacts your overall dining experience.

Customer onboarding is akin to a well-prepared host or hostess at that restaurant. They warmly welcome you, guide you to your table, explain the menu, and ensure you feel at ease. The result? You enjoy your meal without stress, and chances are, you'll return for more.

In the business world, this is precisely why customer onboarding matters. 

It's not just about selling a product or service; it's about making customers feel welcome, well-informed, and hassle-free. This kind of experience will not only make them choose your offering initially but also urge them to want to come back for more. 

This is why customer onboarding is more than a mere process but a whole journey:

Setting the First Impression

Customer onboarding is your opportunity to shine right from the start. A seamless onboarding experience ensures that your customers' initial interaction with your product or service is positive and memorable. 

This positive first impression sets the foundation for a lasting relationship. It is actually reported that 72% of customers will likely spread the word of your service to six more people if you make a good impression, and what's better than grabbing that opportunity right during the onboarding journey? (Source)

Loyalty Starts at Onboarding

Loyalty isn't built overnight; it starts with a customer's first encounter with your brand. A well-crafted onboarding process will not only secure your customer's initial commitment but will lay the groundwork for long-term loyalty. It will be the beginning of a wonderful relationship built on trust and satisfaction.

Creation of A User - Friendly Pathway

A successful customer onboarding journey means having a very simple pathway. Studies reveal that 74% of customers will come back to your website if it's simple and user-friendly. So, with effective onboarding, you will not only simplify the start but ensure a steady flow of returning visitors. (Source)

What is more interesting to note is that 70% of SaaS users prefer a self-service approach to onboarding. They like to figure things out on their own rather than meeting with a Customer Success representative. (Source)

Times have changed - as the digital world is evolving, so are the users! It's not only about the convenience; this choice also fits their expectations and is cost-effective. 

Thus, it's important to give your users options. They can either explore on their own using resources like webinars, peer discussion forums, articles, and tutorial videos, or they can choose to schedule a personal meeting with a CSM. This way, users will have a choice full of resources ready for them to adapt and get to know your products just the way they like! 

Maximizing Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction begins the moment your customers interact with your product or service. 

A thoughtful customer onboarding experience will not only meet but exceed your customer's expectations. By prioritizing their needs and making their onboarding hassle-free, you will surely set the stage for maximum satisfaction as it is proved that 86% of customers will stick around after a welcoming onboarding experience with continuous education. (Source)

Gaining a Competitive Edge

In a crowded market, standing out is crucial. A customer-centric onboarding approach will become your competitive advantage!  It's not just about what you offer; it's about how smoothly and positively customers transition into your brand. This edge will position your brand as the preferred choice, fostering customer retention and acquisition.

Besides these important facts, you should take a look at successful companies; they're a goldmine of ideas for how a great customer onboarding journey can lead to success. Learning from these companies shows you real examples of how a smooth onboarding experience can help a business grow and keep customers happy.

MeltingSpot: Your Key To A Successful Customer Onboarding Journey

MeltingSpot is your all-in-one solution for creating seamless, personalized onboarding experiences. Our platform offers practical insights, proven strategies, and essential metrics to ensure your customers start their journey with you on the right foot. From building strong customer communities to learning from industry leaders, MeltingSpot is your key to unlocking long-term success.


With us, you're not just onboarding customers; you're forging lasting relationships. So, what's stopping you? Join our community of satisfied users today, and let us be your trusted partner on the journey to customer success.

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