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Upselling is a growth strategy used by every other company. Whether it's an e-commerce store or a SaaS business, upselling is becoming a huge trend with effective revenue results and satisfied customers. Statistics reveal a 10 to 30 percent boost for companies using customer success upsell strategies. (Source

The main challenge that arises is how to effectively use upselling to enhance your profits while also creating satisfied and loyal customers. The reality is that many customer success teams grapple with this very question. But fear not, MeltingSpot is here to help! In this article, we discuss all the customer success upsell strategies that are essential for your business growth. 

Customer Success Upsell in SaaS

Imagine your customer is using your company’s basic plan for a project management tool. Now, your team will likely step in and say, 'Did you know that upgrading to this plan gives you extra features like advanced reporting and priority support?' This is what upselling in SaaS is all about - it's about suggesting improvements tailored to what your customers need, creating a win-win situation for you and undoubtedly them. 

Approximately 44% of SaaS companies report that they obtain 10% of their total revenue through upselling and cross-selling. (Source)

Effective upselling isn't just about making more money; it's about making customers happier. When customers upgrade and see the value, they're more likely to stick around. This boosts loyalty and turns customers into fans who tell others about your service. Plus, it helps businesses stay sharp and improve by listening to what customers want.

In simple terms, upselling isn't just a strategy; it's a way for you to keep growing and making both customers and your company happy.

Sales vs Customer Success

Sales teams are the driving force behind attracting new customers and closing those initial deals. They excel in acquiring fresh faces and maximizing revenue from these first-time transactions. They are just like the "welcoming committee" at a store's entrance, eager to help newcomers.

For instance, in a SaaS context, sales might work diligently to bring in new users to a project management tool, persuading them to subscribe to the basic plan. They focus on selling the software to a broader audience.

On the other hand, customer success teams are responsible for long-term relationships. Their primary responsibility lies in retaining existing customers by ensuring they continue to find value and satisfaction in their purchases. They're like companions who stay with you throughout your journey, always ready to help and enhance your experience.

For example, a customer success team in a project management software company is responsible for making sure that existing users get the most out of their subscriptions. They might identify that some users are struggling with certain features and proactively reach out with personalized tips and assistance, ensuring these users remain happy and loyal.

So, while the sales team drives new sales and brings in fresh customers, the customer success division is mainly responsible for retaining and delighting existing ones, ensuring their long-term satisfaction and loyalty.

The Upselling Role in Sales and Customer Success

In sales, upselling happens when your customers are encouraged to buy more or choose a pricier option when they first make a purchase. Just like when a food chain suggests getting a larger meal at a restaurant when you order your food. Similarly, a SaaS sales team might recommend upgrading to a better plan with more features when you first sign up.

In customer success, upselling occurs after an individual becomes a customer. It's about making sure they keep getting the most value from what they buy. A customer success team will suggest upgrades or extras that suit the customers changing needs.

Research indicates that current customers are 50% more inclined to explore new offerings and are willing to spend 31% more compared to brand-new customers. (Source)

However, you should keep in mind that the synergy between sales and customer success is vital for successful upselling. Open communication, shared goals, and personalized approaches can make all the difference in identifying and capitalizing on upselling opportunities

10 Customer Success Upsell Strategies! 

Now that you know the sales customer success difference, it's time to set a clear mindset on how to effectively initiate a customer success upsell. The main question that might pop up in your mind might be, 'What strategies can you use for a perfect customer success upsell?' Let's look at the top 10 strategies that can ease your work: 

Tailored Service Recommendations

The most important thing that we often emphasize on is that as a customer success team, you should gather information about your customers to better understand their individual needs and how they use your service. 

This information will help you provide personalized recommendations for upgrades or additional features that align with what each customer specifically requires. The idea is to tailor your suggestions to each customer's unique situation, making their experience better and more valuable. Personalization is key to this strategy.

Subscription Tier Personalization

Another good strategy is offering personalized subscription tiers. This involves tailoring subscription offerings to align with individual preferences and usage patterns. 

When brands give personalized offers, approximately 68% of customers express a more positive sentiment towards the brand. It shows that customizing things for each person makes a big difference in how people see and like a brand. (Source)

Proactive Upsell Communication

The best thing to do for an organic customer success upsell is to initiate conversations with your customers when you spot the right opportunities. You should reach out with well-timed and relevant offers, ensuring they fully grasp the benefits of upgrading. Being proactive makes all the difference!

Customer Segmentation for Upsell Campaigns

This strategy involves having a big group of customers dividing them into smaller segments instead of treating them all the same. These segments could be based on things like how often they use your service, what they like the most, or what they've bought before.

Now, here's where it gets interesting: for each of these smaller groups, you create special campaigns that speak directly to address what they need and like. For instance, if you have a group of customers who are really into a specific feature, your upsell campaign for them would highlight how they can get even more out of that feature with an upgrade. On the other hand, for customers who haven't tried certain features yet, your campaign could show them how they're missing out and offer them a sweet deal to try it.

So, instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, you will be personalizing your communication to each group, making your customer success upsell efforts way more effective. This way, customer segmentation will become your secret weapon for successful upsell campaigns, ensuring that every customer feels like you're talking directly to them and offering something they truly want.

Exclusive Loyalty Offers

Implementing exclusive loyalty offers is a strategic upsell approach, showcasing how customer appreciation can seamlessly align with the promotion of enhanced offerings. Did you know, that businesses can boost their sales by 15-25% each year with awesome loyalty offers? (Source)

For instance, let's consider a subscription-based streaming service. Regular users who have been with the service for an extended period might receive an exclusive loyalty offer. This offer could provide them with a discounted rate on an upgraded subscription tier that includes features like ad-free streaming, exclusive content, and higher video quality.

In this scenario, the exclusive loyalty offer is not merely a gesture of gratitude but a clever upsell strategy. It entices the loyal customer to explore the benefits of a more advanced subscription, presenting a compelling case for the added value they would receive.

Bundle and Save Offers

Consider packaging complementary products or services together in cost-effective bundles. This approach encourages customers to consider additional offerings they might not have thought of individually. Bundles are a win-win!

Educational Upsell Content

When it comes to customer success upsell, educating your customers is a vital part of guiding them toward a more fulfilling experience. Providing insightful content, whether through tutorials, webinars, or guides, is a way of ensuring customers not only understand the benefits of upgrading but also embrace it with confidence.

By offering this educational content, you will not just be selling an upgrade; but will be helping customers see for themselves why it's worth it. It would be similar to having a friendly conversation, showing them the cool things they might not have known about. This way, customers will get to understand and appreciate the upgrade, deciding to go for it much more exciting and informed. 

So, educational upsell content will become your way of guiding customers toward a better experience and making them feel confident about taking that upgrade journey.

Limited-time Upgrade Promotions

Another strategy is to create a sense of urgency by offering limited-time promotions for upgrades. You should highlight the time-sensitive benefits to motivate customers to take action. Urgency can be a powerful motivator! 

Referral-based Upselling

Referral-based upselling involves leveraging satisfied customers to expand your business. By encouraging customers to refer friends or colleagues and rewarding both the referrer and the new customer, you will not only build a sense of community and trust but also effectively increase your customer base. 

This strategy taps into the power of customer advocacy and word-of-mouth recommendations, creating a win-win scenario that not only boosts immediate sales but also sets the stage for potential upselling opportunities as new customers become familiar with and trust your products or services.

Customer Success Reviews

A hidden strategy that not many teams use is upselling through reviews! 49% of customers place the same level of trust in online reviews as they do in personal recommendations from friends and family. (Source)

When customers share how upgrades have significantly improved their experience, it becomes a powerful tool for showcasing the value of enhancements. By highlighting these success stories, you build trust and confidence in your upselling recommendations.

These customer success upsell stories will be turning the positive experiences of your customers into persuasive narratives that are sure to inspire trust, making the case for upgrades more compelling. This upselling strategy relies on the credibility of shared success stories to influence potential customers, showcasing how enhancements can genuinely elevate their own experience.

MeltingSpot And Customer Success 

MeltingSpot offers a dynamic customer community platform that significantly aids in upselling strategies. Through our platform, it becomes quite simple for you to share information with your customers, like how-to guides, interesting articles, and helpful videos. 


But wait, there's more! MeltingSpot isn't just about blasting information. It's about creating conversations, understanding needs, and offering solutions that feel like they're made just for them. This isn't just upselling; it's upgrading their entire experience with your brand.

So, are you ready to be more than just a brand? To be a community leader, a trendsetter, a go-to source? MeltingSpot is your ticket there. It's time to turn your customers into your biggest ambassadors and watch your sales soar.

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