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Explore how Worldia revolutionized agent engagement with MeltingSpot. Discover their journey, from seamless deployment to enhanced content accessibility, and uncover insights for elevating customer success in the travel industry.

Meet Maeva from Worldia, a pioneering tour operator specializing in fully customizable, tailor-made travel experiences. Before integrating MeltingSpot, Worldia faced the challenge of centralizing diverse content offerings for their travel agents, including webinars, practical documents, and tutorials. The deployment of MeltingSpot proved to be a seamless and efficient solution, empowering Worldia to streamline content management and enhance agent engagement. In this interview, Maeva shares insights into their deployment process, the benefits of consolidating engagement tools, achieved business objectives, and invaluable advice for SaaS companies aiming to digitalize customer success strategies.

  1. Introduction to Worldia and its objectives.
  2. Pre-MeltingSpot challenges and aspirations.
  3. Smooth deployment experience.
  4. Benefits of centralized engagement tools.
  5. Achievements and upcoming goals.
  6. Advice for SaaS companies on digitalizing customer success.

Can you introduce Worldia and its activity?

Worldia is a 100% customizable tour operator, offering partners the ability to create and offer fully tailored, exceptional travel experiences. More information here: Worldia Corporate Website.

MeltingSpot customer education story

What business challenges were you looking to address before deploying MeltingSpot?

We needed a space to centralize the various content we provide for our travel agents, such as webinars, practical documents, tutorials, etc.

How did the deployment of MeltingSpot go?

The deployment of MeltingSpot was easy, fast, and successful. Initially, we trained our teams on the platform and provided tutorials for the travel agents who gradually joined our spot. Overall, we did not encounter major difficulties, and the onboarding process was quite smooth.

Is it a real advantage to be able to conduct webinars, host discussions and forums, share documents, etc., all in one place?

For us, yes, as it was a necessity on our part and a request from our agents. It now allows us to direct travel agents directly to our space when they are looking for Worldia content.

What business objectives have been achieved (or are on track to be achieved in the coming months)?

We have been able to enrich and diversify our content library to meet various needs, including that of the Worldia onboarding, which corresponds to the period when our travel agents use our platform tutorials and Masterclasses. In the coming weeks, we will officially launch the discussion module to strengthen our bond with agents and better meet their daily needs.

What advice would you give to a SaaS company looking to digitalize its customer success by deploying a Customer Academy or Client Community?

Regularity and diversification of content, adding real added value, are essential. Today, our most successful content is our "Travel Tuesdays". Every Tuesday, we invite our agents to a webinar featuring a destination sold by Worldia, with exclusive information. This exclusivity generates great interest among agents, especially when they are not familiar with the destination or want to know more about what sets us apart from our competitors in terms of offers. The regularity of these live sessions also means that new agents join our space every week. Additionally, we also provide access to this information in the form of articles so they can access this information at any time.

As Worldia's experience with MeltingSpot demonstrates, digitalizing customer success strategies can significantly enhance engagement and content accessibility. By consolidating diverse content offerings within a single platform, Worldia successfully addressed their pre-existing challenges and laid the foundation for sustained growth. As they continue to enrich their content library and strengthen community engagement, Worldia exemplifies the transformative potential of customer-centric digital solutions in the travel industry and beyond.


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