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Discover how Javelo revolutionized HR management with MeltingSpot. Dive into their journey, from pre-deployment challenges to seamless integration, and glean insights on enhancing customer success in the digital era.

Meet Alizé from Javelo, a part of the Tellent group, specializing in HR SaaS solutions. Their platform facilitates performance evaluations, goal tracking, and HR management actions. Before embracing MeltingSpot, they sought to foster connections between HR professionals, provide value through client communication, and enhance community engagement to combat churn. The seamless deployment of MeltingSpot streamlined their operations, enabling webinars, discussions, document sharing, and community building within a single platform. In this interview, Alizé shares insights into their journey, highlighting achieved business objectives and offering valuable advice for SaaS companies considering digitalizing their customer success strategies.

  1. Introduction to Javelo and its objectives.
  2. Pre-MeltingSpot challenges and aspirations.
  3. Smooth deployment experience.
  4. Benefits of centralized engagement tools.
  5. Achievements and upcoming goals.
  6. Advice for SaaS companies on digitalizing customer success.

Can you introduce Javelo and its activity?

Javelo, a part of the Tellent group, is an HR SaaS platform. Our tool facilitates employee performance evaluations through tailored interviews (such as professional reviews, annual appraisals, surveys, 360 feedback, etc.), goal tracking for effective team monitoring, and HR management actions to implement strategies.

What business challenges were you looking to address before deploying MeltingSpot?

    • Establishing connections between HR professionals to enable mutual assistance, communication, and process recommendations.
    • Adding value to our clients through effective communication.
    • Facilitating interaction with our product/tech teams, CSMs, etc.
    • Creating a community.
    • Fostering customer loyalty to prevent churn.

How did the deployment of MeltingSpot go?

It was very smooth, and we received excellent support from the MeltingSpot team. The platform is intuitive and easy to use, with ample content available to assist us.

Is it a real advantage to be able to conduct webinars, host discussions and forums, share documents, etc., all in one place?

Absolutely. It avoids the need to search for information across multiple platforms, streamlining exchanges and communication for our clients.

What business objectives have been achieved (or are on track to be achieved in the coming months)?

    • Organization of webinars.
    • Establishment of a community.
    • Integration of the platform directly through our app.

What advice would you give to a SaaS company looking to digitalize its customer success by deploying a Customer Academy or Client Community?

It takes time, but it's effective and adds significant value to your clients.

As Javelo's partnership with MeltingSpot demonstrates, digitalizing customer success strategies can revolutionize engagement and retention. By leveraging a unified platform for communication, collaboration, and community building, Javelo has not only addressed their pre-existing challenges but also laid the groundwork for sustainable growth. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, embracing innovative solutions becomes imperative for staying competitive. Through thoughtful implementation and a commitment to value-driven interactions, SaaS companies can forge lasting relationships with their clients and chart a path towards success in the digital age.

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