All you need to know about Community-Led Growth and community building.

$3M seed round to bring to life the platform all community-led organizations are missing

We are thrilled to welcome a few newcomers around our cap table: Isai, Ankaa Ventures, SaaS Partners, Kima and Notus Technologies. We’re humbled by their trust and looking forward to putting it to good use with our customers and partners. This sizeable round of funding is a major stepping

Community-Led growth: the strategy for the future

For a few years now, a new growth model has been taking hold in companies: Community-Led Growth.

Social networks vs. Community platform: How to activate your community?

In the marketing jargon, it is not uncommon to confuse "audience" and "community". However, despite their complementarity, these two concepts are quite different... And companies have every interest in distinguishing between them, in order to develop effectively.

Press release: MeltingSpot raises $3M

● MeltingSpot is surfing the wave of online communities and wants to establish itself as the reference tool for companies that choose to adopt a Community-Led Growth strategy, outside of social networks. ● MeltingSpot announces a $3M round of seed funding with Ankaa Ventures, Isai, SaaS Partners, Kima and Notus Technologies, as

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