How to Build an Engaged Community for Your Brand

For most brands, developing a successful, vibrant online community is a primary objective. With the advent of digital, interaction with customers in virtual spaces has become so common that community building is now an essential part of any brand’s marketing strategy

Community Building: Our Magic Formula

Imagine if you could leverage the power of your most loyal customers and followers in order to increase brand awareness in the digital world in an easy, cost-effective way.

Customer community: how to create your own?

Do you know what all your customers have in common? You do. Your company gathers them around a common characteristic: consuming your products or services.

Communities and web 3

World Wide Web is over 30 years old. And since its creation in 1989, different versions have followed one another. After web 1.0 (and the emergence of websites and e-commerce), then web 2.0 (with the rise of social media and m-commerce), it's time for web 3.0 to make its entrance.

Boosting growth through Community-Led Growth

Visibility, credibility, awareness... What if the benefits of a community strategy went beyond that? What if, thanks to the creation, animation and commitment of a close-knit community, companies could achieve other valuable goals?

Building a community: when to start?

More and more companies are taking an interest in community building. And the good news is that they're right: building your corporate community is a goldmine of opportunity.

The 10 rules of Community Management

Community Management is neither improvisation nor magic. Managing and animating a BtoB or BtoC community can be learned... Thanks to different good practices.

Community Building: the new trend

Today, Community Management is an integral part of our vocabulary. But have you ever heard of its successor... Community Building? What is this new concept in full expansion, which gives birth to new professions of the future?
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