How to boost participants' engagement on your virtual events?

Participant engagement is the key factor in your event’s success. A phone call, an email or a notification can easily distract you from the online event.

What is a hybrid event ?

Nothing like physical meetings can build up the relationship between companies and customers. Since they are not allowed to host physical events, they choose virtual or hybrid events.

Virtual events: your new inbound marketing strategy asset

Now that your inbound marketing strategy is well-crafted, 2020 will bring up an innovative tool. Blogging, white paper, webinar, social networks and now virtual events will attract more and more customers.

How to host successful virtual and hybrid events

For many companies, launching a virtual event is a new experience. Virtual and hybrid events are both technical and human, so companies quickly understood that it cannot be organized like a physical event.

Product launch: how to organize a successful online event?

Original ideas, a great product can make your product launch a success. But this year, no one can host an event in a prestigious place. This is the time to be creative by organizing a virtual product launch.

Guide to organizing an outstanding online conference

With the pandemic, online conferences have boomed in 2020 and 2021. Not only do they help companies maintain a good customer relationship, but they also increase their brand visibility and stand out from the crowd.

Best tools for online workshops?

The ideal tool to keep in touch with your customers, prospects or remote staff is the virtual workshop.

10 tips for a successful digital event

The digital event is a new deal. They enable professionals to attend conferences, to take part in workshops, to network… from a computer.

Virtual events: a new media?

What if the virtual event was no longer just a substitute product ... But a sustainable tool for companies?

7 virtual event ideas for startups

Whether as a 100% online or a hybrid meeting, virtual events meet all startups’ needs: meetings with teams, interviews and new team member onboarding, sales force training, afterwork, virtual exhibitions or even team-building workshops.

Top 10 online events for SMEs

Do you want to create a first online event for your VSE / SME? Excellent idea! Virtual fair, networking day, afterwork, team building, product launch, webinars, everything is possible in 2021!
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