All you need to know about Community-Led Growth and community building.

Customer Community: The tool to accelerate your sales cycle.

Long. Very long. That's how we can describe the sales cycle for the majority of B2B companies.

How to launch your Customer Academy?

In the B2B world, Client Academies are becoming more and more common. Pennylane, Smappen, Plezi, Datananas... These SaaS solutions are among the pioneers in the field of Academies. And if you want to join them by creating your own, you've come to the right place

Nurturing a thriving community in 2023... A skill worth mastering!

The die is cast, the cards have been dealt anew. In the post-COVID era, the time has come to move beyond cultivating a passive following. This year, the imperative is to unite and actively engage a vibrant community... for the long haul.

Community-Led Growth: definition, tips and steps to get started

The idea of Community-Led Growth is getting more popular. For BtoB or BtoC companies, it is THE strategy of the future to rely on.

Community-Led growth: the strategy for the future

For a few years now, a new growth model has been taking hold in companies: Community-Led Growth.

Social networks vs. Community platform: How to activate your community?

In the marketing jargon, it is not uncommon to confuse "audience" and "community". However, despite their complementarity, these two concepts are quite different... And companies have every interest in distinguishing between them, in order to develop effectively.

NFT and B2B Marketing: A Promising Future?

It's official, doubts are fading: NFTs are in high demand. The volume of NFT transactions surged by 38% between December 2022 and January 2023, reaching a staggering $946 million. However, there is a catch: this boom is mainly observed in the B2C space.

Join our Community Lab

If you're serious about community building and want to learn more, join our community dedicated to Community-Led Growth. For all community builders out there: whether you’re still learning, or master the art of Community-Led Growth.

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