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There are 9 chances out of 10, you've already heard about these ideas on social networks or in between two meetings:

💡 "We need to figure out how to engage our customer community: newsletters and social media posts are no longer enough!"
💡 "Do you have any ideas, for onboarding new employees, and then federating all the teams?"
💡 "That's it, BtoB and BtoC events are starting up again... But are we going to continue to invest in their organization, with the current health constraints?"

All these questions evoke two major issues: event management and community engagement. So how do you reconcile these two topics to meet the new post-covid expectations?
MeltingSpot's answers can be found in one solution: the Community platform. Ready to discover this innovation? 👇

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Community engagement: 4 observations, at the dawn of a new post-covid era

Since the Covid-19 health crisis, all companies are facing many challenges. These new challenges are accompanied by new expectations... Dictated by 4 major findings. Let's discover them together.

Becoming Community-Centric has never been more important

Today, the main challenge for companies is no longer to get followers on social networks. Engagement is no longer measured (only) by the size of an audience, especially when the latter is passive, in front of the broadcasted content.
From now on, managing a community requires relevant and sustainable actions to be put in place :

  • Create high value-added content
  • Involve your communities (customers, employees, partners, etc.) in a co-creation process (of projects, events, content, etc.).
  • Make conversation a priority

All this, of course, by adopting a "Community-Centric" posture. The idea is to act in the direction of its communities, to meet their expectations, and engage them over time 🚀

Traditional marketing channels are less and less effective

On average, 71,000 queries are made every second on Google. Every day, 95 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram and 500 million on Twitter. Finally, 116 million users are active on LinkedIn (Alioze, 2021).

So, faced with these impressive numbers, how do you stand out from the competition and win the hearts of your community? How to be heard, despite all this "noise marketing" on the various social networks?

To "exist and engage", solutions are evolving. Faced with the infobesity present on different platforms and the rejection of certain channels considered as spam, new strategies are spreading. Just a little more patience, we'll tell you about it in the next part of the article!

Video becomes a golden tool to engage your communities

Today, 55% of Internet users watch videos daily. And when a video is present on a website, a user spends an average of 88% more time on a page (Alioze, 2021).

📹 There is no longer any doubt: video is a dynamic format that attracts, engages and converts. Yesterday, this was already starting to be democratized, with the emergence of "stories" on social networks. Today, video continues to spread on different platforms, to meet different challenges: live events, webinars, videoconferences, vlogs... And tomorrow, it is likely that the use of video will become even more widespread to bring communities together, especially through hybrid events.

Events are changing, with the rise of virtual and hybrid events

Of course, physical events were temporarily suspended during the health crisis. But today, their return (in BtoB as well as in BtoC) supports the following observation: no, events (especially physical ones) are not doomed to disappear... They are simply evolving!

To simplify the organization of events, reduce costs and maximize participant engagement, the new trend is virtual events. Their rise continues in the post-covid era, as the benefits are numerous. Hybrid events (which combine physical and digital participation) are also developing, to reinvent community animation.

You've got it with these 4 facts. Community engagement and events have never been so important to companies. To meet the market's new expectations, MeltingSpot has created the first event-community platform. Ready to discover it? 👇

Community platform try

Community platform: what is it all about?

A community platform is an all-in-one solution to animate your communities over time, around events... But not only!
On this platform, participants will be able to take part in virtual or hybrid events, but also interact around different content formats, participate in public or private discussions to network...

Just imagine the best of social networks, conversational tools and virtual events, all in one place. Does the idea sound idyllic? MeltingSpot has made it happen.

Thanks to our community platform, companies will be able to :

  • Centralize their efforts (content creation, community animation, event organization) in one place
  • Avoid scattering their efforts across different networks and communication channels to unite their communities
  • Create regular and personalized meetings in different formats
  • Manage the organization of events autonomously, in a simple and fun way.
    The event-community platform is the ideal solution for bringing together, animating and engaging your various communities: communities of customers, employees, partners, future teams, suppliers, etc. MeltingSpot helps you become Community-Centric, thanks to a single platform.

Community platform: A unique tool to meet 3 specific objectives

You get the idea. A community platform allows you to engage your BtoB or BtoC communities in one place. All of this, around strong moments: virtual events, high value-added content, public or private discussion threads to network...

To summarize, this solution meets 3 specific objectives:
1️⃣ Accelerate business conversion (and growth): the community platform is a real acquisition channel for companies. On a single platform, companies will be able to gather their communities, and act with them with more impact. All the features developed by the community platform promotes conversion, acquisition of new users or customers and by extension, business growth.

2️⃣ Turn a passive audience into an engaged community: you can say "goodbye" to the old days... When no one commented on your social media posts. The community platform turns passive audiences into engaged communities, ready to interact in a simple and intuitive way. The content (publications, resources, events, etc.) offered is always personalized and targeted, which increases engagement. This engagement is moreover sustainable and continuous: it appears before, during and after events... Which also helps to re-humanize the link with your communities!

3️⃣ Make event planning a breeze: a community platform simplifies the organization and creation of interactive events. No need for technical training, to master the tool: thanks to easy-to-use settings, companies can manage their events themselves, from A to Z... And invite their communities to "stay" on the platform, even outside (and between) different events.

Ready to engage your communities with MeltingSpot's community platform?

A community platform is not just another social network, nor is it a software program for organizing virtual meetings with a limited number of participants. With the community platform, you bring together the best of both worlds: the organization of virtual events and access to high-quality content in various formats. All in one place to engage different communities... and create a strong relationship with (and between) different members throughout the year.

Want to learn more about MeltingSpot's community platform? Feel free to contact our team and watch our demo.

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