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Which tribe do you belong to? This question may come as a surprise, but it concerns us all. We all have values, passions or rituals that we share with other people.

Our social behaviors lead us to act in groups, and to form different communities. For BtoB and BtoC companies, these communities based on common codes are gold mines to explore. They can inspire the deployment of new strategies, like community marketing.

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  • Community marketing: definition and benefits
  • How to implement a community marketing strategy
  • Community marketing: 3 mistakes to avoid

Community marketing: definition and benefits

Brand community vs. Tribe: definitions to know

First of all, the term "tribe" is defined as "a community based on common codes", according to the Larousse dictionary. Michel Maffesoli, sociologist, specifies that it is characterized by shared rites and behaviors.

In marketing jargon (and contrary to the Larousse definition), it is common to differentiate the terms "tribe" and "brand community":

  • A tribe is a group of individuals who share common codes, values or consumption habits.
  • A brand community is a group of individuals gathered around a BtoB or BtoC company. This community can be a community of customers, employees, partners, prospects... Whatever the type of BtoB or BtoC community, the brand plays a central role in the creation and animation of this community.

To go further, we could also add to these definitions that of an influencer's community: like brands, many influencers gather communities on the Internet, especially on social networks.

Tribal marketing: what is it?

Tribal marketing is a marketing strategy that all BtoB or BtoC companies can deploy. This strategy consists in adopting the behaviors of groups of consumers considered as "tribes", in order to promote a product, a service or an offer.

The objective of tribal marketing is simple: to become part of a community as a brand sharing strong values with its members. The idea is to understand and respond to the identity of a tribe of consumers, while offering products, services or actions that meet their expectations.

Tribal marketing: what are the advantages?

For companies that want to join a tribe and rely on tribal marketing, one step is essential: understanding the tribe and its interests, in order to find the positioning and the communication that will invite action.

Indeed, tribal marketing is based on emotion. It is important for brands to succeed in creating a connection, a strong feeling of recognition and belonging, before being fully integrated into a community.

Once this step is successful, tribal marketing allows to benefit from the following advantages and opportunities:

  • Retain an active customer base
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition by relying on a strategy that combines community and relationship building
  • Get feedback from members
  • Continuously improve the company's products, services and offerings
  • Get word-of-mouth and "natural" publicity
  • Create a sense of belonging and brand preference
  • Acquire new customers through the community
  • Develop a Community-Led Growth strategy, to support the growth of the company
  • Improve the company's brand image
  • Benefit from the joint advantages of viral marketing

You now know the challenges of tribal marketing, as well as the opportunities generated by this strategy. Are you ready to take action?

Tribal marketing: what strategy to adopt?

With tribal marketing, the biggest challenge for brands is to become part of an existing tribe, and to connect with the different members. Unlike community marketing (which allows the company to start from scratch and create its own community), the challenge lies in integration.

In a society where the feeling of mistrust is growing, with consumers having higher and higher expectations... Implementing a tribal marketing strategy cannot be improvised. To achieve this, MeltingSpot advises you to respect the following 5 steps:

Identify the tribe to target

For brands, the emergence of numerous communities and tribes with similar characteristics is a real opportunity. As part of a tribal marketing strategy, it is then necessary to identify these groups deemed interesting for the company, and with whom synergies could be numerous.

πŸš€ This first identification step is important, in order to target the tribe closest to the company's issues.

Understand and analyze the tribe's rituals

Before joining the tribe, the understanding and analysis stage is essential. It is important to combine this discovery phase with meetings, especially during hybrid, virtual or physical events.

πŸš€ By making contact with different members of the same tribe, you will thus be able to observe, question and grasp the different rites, values or shared habits.

Take care of your speech and your actions

In a tribal marketing strategy, it is essential to take care of your approach and communication. When joining a tribe, any BtoB and BtoC company must show maturity, transparency and authenticity. It's important to focus on creating an emotional connection first and foremost, rather than directly promoting a product, service or offer.

πŸš€ Remember that modern consumers today want proof, more than promises. To convince them and create strong bonds, match actions with words.

Create a strong and lasting bond with the tribe

Tribal marketing is above all a social marketing strategy. Therefore, integrating a company into a tight-knit group must be accompanied by moments of sharing, where social connection is fostered.

πŸš€ To achieve this, MeltingSpot recommends organizing regular virtual, hybrid or physical events. The idea is to animate your community, all year long. These moments of meeting will help to create lasting bonds of closeness between the brand and the tribe.

Develop complementary marketing strategies

Tribal marketing can be accompanied by other complementary strategies. For example, why not bet on viral marketing and influence marketing, by calling upon opinion leaders or influencers within the tribes? These will be able to carry and embody the brand's discourse, while making the most of their notoriety on the web.

πŸš€ After joining a tribe, the company can also decide to recruit and invite certain members into its own brand community. A Community-Based Marketing or Community-Led Growth strategy can be combined with tribal marketing to further leverage the community approach.

Tribal marketing: 3 mistakes to avoid

Want to associate your brand with an engaged and passionate tribe? Before you get started, here are the 3 mistakes to avoid.

Impose yourself as an overly strict tribal leader

With tribal marketing, you don't create a community from scratch. You are accepted and integrated into an existing group of BtoB or BtoC consumers.

πŸ‘‰ It's important to respect your assigned place in the tribe. Don't try to impose yourself as an uncompromising tribal leader too quickly. Instead, be open to sharing and relating, share relevant tips or resources, and always remember to value the tribe members.

Do not rely on collective intelligence

The tribe is a precious lever of interaction and social link. As part of a tribal marketing strategy, it is important to bet on the strength of the group and collective intelligence.

πŸ‘‰ For example, consider co-constructing your brand events with the tribe (webinars, online conference, virtual fairs, forums, interviews, etc.). You can also solicit the help of your tribe to co-create your future products, services or offers. Collaboration is the key to fostering community spirit!

Favour complexity over simplicity

To be successful in your tribal marketing strategy, it's important to keep it simple. Members don't have time or energy to waste. So, to save them some, don't hesitate to bet on simple and centralized tools.

πŸ‘‰ For example, why not deploy an all-in-one community platform to bring the entire tribe together? A platform like MeltingSpot that allows you to exchange asynchronously, organize virtual events or share news in one place can be a real lever.

Tribal marketing strategy: ready to get started

At MeltingSpot, we believe that the future of marketing will be social.
Communities and tribes must be at the heart of today's brand priorities.

To leverage this collective power, we offer an all-in-one community platform. Our tool facilitates the deployment of your tribal marketing strategy... For the greatest happiness of small and large customers!

Want to discover the MeltingSpot platform, and accelerate the development of your tribal marketing strategy? Go here πŸ‘‡

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