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The online event is a great lead generator ! Aside from collecting data, you can interact with your prospects and build a relationship of trust.

What type of event will boost your sales? How to keep in touch after the meeting in order to convert a lead? Here are our answers 👇🏼

🖥 What are the events that generate leads ?


As an inbound marketing tool, the webinar aims to organize an online conference on a specific theme in order to generate B2B leads, improve your visibility and boost your e-reputation.

Indeed, the target makes his own buying decision : during this process, he needs some expert content to figure out the right solution to his issue. This is how webinars help you acquire new contacts 🚀 !

Virtual fairs

Very popular with startups or VSEs / SMEs, the interactive virtual show is the right way to break the ice with new leads and then convert them into prospects. Virtual fairs often turn into a personalized meeting ; they will help you reach a large target audience.

☝️ Your challenge is to offer some relevant content to catch your participants’ attention.

online events

Product launch or demo

Giving an online product demo will convert more leads and therefore increase sales. This type of event can attract several types of participants:

✅ The curious ones who have heard of you and want to know more!

✅ Those who know you but also observe before making a choice ;

✅ And those who have already made their mind.

Your mission ? To let your customers know why they need to buy your products ! Freebe has decided to jump in : every month, the founder of this accounting software for freelancers offers an online demonstration of his tool.

Customer appreciation day

This type of event builds loyalty in your relationship with your customers. Once your leads have been converted, make sure to host a customer appreciation day to let them know that they matter to you ! This tailor-made virtual meeting will definitely boost your sales.

📢 How to keep in touch after the online event?

Expert Tip: Will Curran on Sustaining Event Energy for Community Engagement

During the CLG Summit 2023, Will Curran, event strategist and founder of Endless Events, shared valuable insights on harnessing event energy to maintain community engagement. In his session, Will emphasized the significance of utilizing the momentum generated during events to foster ongoing conversations and keep participants engaged. To watch the full replay of Will's session from the CLG Summit 2023, head over to The Community Lab. Now, let's dive into the clip:

Collect customer data

Do you want to organize an online event ? Choose a platform that is able to collect some participant data. For example, the registration form filled out by participants is exactly what you need to gather some information before you even start the meeting!

The goal ? Analyze this very valuable marketing data and then reuse it to create the most relevant content to your prospects.

✅ Our MeltingSpot platform was designed to help you turn your prospects into customers. We help you collect data to feed your CRM software for a better event assessment and lead-management. Plus, our software stores all the information and interaction with your customers. A wealth of information!

Make appointments

After the event, send a personalized appointment email to participants. Make it easy for them: in your email, provide a an online appointment link.

👉 Thanks to the data you collected, turning your hot prospect into a customer is now a piece of cake!

Set up a lead nurturing strategy

Lead nurturing, what on earth is that ? This strategy is designed to bring prospects to move forward within the conversion funnel. The idea is to "feed" your leads with more content, educate and support them during the buying decision process. In short, it's all about strengthening the relationship with consumers while they are making their mind!

Once you've collected your attendees' data, here are some ideas for implementing a lead nurturing strategy:

  • Segment your lists : the goal is to send targeted content, depending on how close your prospect is to buying.
  • Use several channels to spread your content (multi-channel strategy) : social media, email marketing, advertisements, etc.
  • Follow up : Be responsive and get in touch with your prospects once the event is over.

Ready to set up your virtual event to generate qualified leads ?

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