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In recent months, webinars are all the rage. We're all getting invited every week to participate in dozens of online conferences.

It's indeed an effective marketing tool for companies to keep in touch with their target and generate leads. But this overused format lately just ends up being tiring for everyone. 😴 Here are some solutions to make your webinars more effective and engaging 👇

Identify your audience

The first thing to ask yourself is: why do you want to do this webinar and who is it for? HR managers, communication managers, sales managers? It's critical to identify the audience you want to reach in order to analyze their interests, their needs, and potential problems. You need to ask yourself where your target is in the conversion funnel. Is it at the discovery, evaluation or purchase stage? By identifying your target, you will be able to identify the theme of your event.

Stand out from the crowd with a strong subject

Nobody wants to take part in a hidden advertisement for your brand. Make sure your topic adds value and solves a concern that is significant to your target audience in order to draw them to an online conference. This is the secret to making your online meetings, webinars, and other events successful! There are probably dozens of them already on the topic you have chosen. So ask yourself, "What's in it for me?" What will make it unique from the others? Concrete figures, real returns on experience... You'll need to find a perspective and a style that works for you and makes you stand out from the crowd.

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Identify the most appropriate format and type of event

Beyond webinars, different types of online events are possible. The choice depends on the preferences and availability of your audience, but also on your own resources and the time you have to devote to it

  • An online conference to present your new products and updates
  • A virtual customer day to animate your community of customers and partners
  • An online expo to draw in qualified leads
  • A workshop to create collective intelligence at a distance
  • ....

And, don't forget to think about how you want to do this event:

  • It may be pre-recorded. If you don't have a lot of time or money to create a live event, this option is perfect.
  • It might also be entirely live. Undoubtedly, this is the best way to involve your audience, invite questions from them, and get them to react to the speakers.
  • Hybrid events are also a possibility. In this case, a presentation will be pre-recorded, but the speakers will be able to respond to questions in real time.

Make your presentations interactive, short and visual

To illustrate and explain what you are saying during a webinar, be creative and above all keep it short! Keep in mind the 10-20-30 rule: 10 slides for 20 minutes maximum of presentation and a font size of 30. By making your documents extremely visual, simple to understand, and even interactive your conference will gain energy and interest! There are many software programs to help you do this. You can also get help from design professionals.

Create impactful content

The next step, to promote your webinar and get your target audience to come, is to create impactful content: a registration page, landing page, and communication on social networks. Good content should be clear, simple, short, and highlight the value of the webinar. The goal is to convince the visitor to take action and register with a compelling title, a quick pitch explaining its added value, the speakers, the time and day and of course a call to action!

Don't forget to show the human side of the webinar by adding references, testimonials, pictures of the speakers, and information about your company... This allows visitors to better project themselves.

Find the best speakers.

Of course, the speaker is a key element to the success of your event. His personality, charisma, tone, and ease to navigate the platform... All must be taken into account in the selection of speakers. There are various categories of speakers:

  • experts who will make you famous in their field. They may draw more people to your event as a result of their appearance.
  • You can also contact previous or present clients. In the first scenario, it presents a chance to forge a close bond with your target. In the second scenario, your present clients will serve as your finest brand ambassadors while promoting your goods.
  • Finally, if your subject lends itself to it, you can propose your own specialists internally. The CEO's attendance at high-level events is a great way to draw in a qualified audience of decision-makers.

Choose the right platform for your event

Whether it's a webinar or another kind of virtual event, selecting the right platform is undoubtedly essential to its success. This is why we suggest that you choose a platform that:

  • Is easy to use for both you and the users. No one should have to download an app or get lost on the platform.
  • Focuses on developing interactive interventions; just knowing how to broadcast an event is not enough. Remotely, we do not capture the attention of visitors in the same way as in physical events. By incorporating discussion groups, chats, scheduling appointments, and polls, you make the presentation more engaging and hold the audience's attention better.
  • Perfectly integrates with your marketing stack (integration with your existing tools),
  • Offers complete customization of your events and your visitors' experience
  • Has tools to analyze your audience at the end of the event
  • Has a responsive and attentive support team.

In this video, industry expert Will Curran discusses the key trends to watch out for in event marketing. Discover valuable insights and practical strategies he presented during his session at the CLG Summit 2023!

Missed the live session? No worries! The replay of Will Curran's presentation is now available on The Community Lab. Tap into his expertise and gain valuable knowledge to elevate your event marketing game to new heights.

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