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In this article, we discuss just what product adoption is, the benefits it brings, the top five product adoption platforms, and key factors to consider when choosing the right software for your needs.

Ever launched a product only to see users drop off almost immediately? Do you find yourself wondering why even the most innovative products sometimes fail to stick? It’s a common frustration: users sign up, but they never quite engage. Research shows that 80% of features in software products are rarely or never used (Source). The good news is that product adoption software can help turn things around. These tools ensure users not only understand but also fully utilize your product’s capabilities. 

In this article, we discuss just what product adoption is, the benefits it brings, the top five product adoption platforms, and key factors to consider when choosing the right software for your needs. Let's get started and find out just what product adoption software can do to your business growth! 

What Is Product Adoption?

Product adoption is the process where users become aware of any product, learn its features, understand its benefits, and ultimately integrate it into their regular usage. It's the journey from first discovering a product to becoming a loyal, regular user. In simple terms, product adoption is about turning curious visitors into satisfied, returning customers.

Product Adoption Software

A product adoption software is designed to facilitate and accelerate this journey of adoption. It includes tools and features that help users quickly understand and effectively use a product. These software solutions may offer interactive guides, onboarding checklists, tooltips, and in-app messaging to assist users at every step. 

For example, just imagine that you are a SaaS company that offers marketing tools. One of your best features is an AI tool that helps create personalized email campaigns. However, most of your customers only use the basic email tools and ignore the AI feature.

To fix this, you can use a product adoption software. This software will show your customers how to use the AI tool through step-by-step guides and tips. Soon, more customers will start using the AI tool, leading to potentially better results for them and more satisfaction with your product.

Benefits Of A Product Adoption Platform 

A product adoption platform offers a variety of benefits that can significantly enhance the way your business introduces, manages, and optimizes products. Here are some of the key advantages that prove how beneficial having a product adoption software is:

Helping New Users

Product adoption platforms are designed to guide new users through the initial stages of using a product, much like having a helpful assistant during their first experience. They provide step-by-step instructions, helpful tips, and sometimes video tutorials. This reduces confusion and helps users feel comfortable quickly. 

For example, if someone downloads a new fitness app, the platform might show them how to set up their profile, start their first workout, and track their progress.

Retaining Your Customers

Keeping users coming back is very important for any product. These platforms can send users reminders about features they haven’t tried, updates about new functionalities, or even promotional messages about upcoming events. This keeps the user engaged and interested in exploring more of what the product has to offer. For instance, your company might inform users about a new discount offer or special rewards available for a limited time.

Learning What Users Think

Feedback is what is most necessary for improvement. Product adoption platforms often include tools like surveys, comment sections, and rating systems where users can express their opinions. This direct line of feedback can reveal what features users love, what bugs need fixing, and what could be added to make the product better. 

After using a new update, your users might be prompted to rate their experience which will then provide valuable insights directly to your developers.

Better Customer Support 

Good support is the key to user satisfaction. A product adoption platform can offer built-in help sections, like FAQs or live chat services, where users can quickly find answers to their questions. This immediate assistance helps solve user problems quickly, enhancing their overall experience. 

Understanding Users Better

Analytical tools within a product adoption software can track how users interact with the product, from which features are most popular to where users spend most of their time. This data will help your company understand your user behavior and preferences, guiding future updates and features. So, if the data shows you that most of your users drop off at a certain point in your website or app, you can investigate and improve that area.

Working With Other Tools

A product adoption platform can seamlessly connect with other tools like CRM systems, email marketing software, or data analytics tools. This will help you synchronize data across your platforms, making it easier to manage customer information and marketing campaigns. For example, integrating a CRM system can help you track user engagement and conversion from trials to full-time users.

Growing Without Trouble

As more people start using the product, these platforms can scale their services to handle the increase in users. This means that even as the user base grows, the performance of the product remains stable and responsive. So, if you grow there will not be any trouble like systems not being able to handle the sudden overload. 

Want to learn some top strategies that can help you improve your product adoption rates? Check this article out! 

Top 5 Product Adoption Platforms 

Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for! We are about to reveal the top 5 platforms that can be considered the best for product adoption. You can find their advantages and disadvantages listed also, so you can decide which one fits your needs the best.  (At the end of this article, you'll also find a super cost-effective alternative to all these platforms.)


Pendo is a product adoption platform designed to help businesses understand and improve the user experience of their digital products. It is widely used by mid to large-sized companies. 


  • User Insights: Pendo provides valuable insights into how users interact with your product, helping businesses understand user behavior and preferences.
  • Customer Feedback: The platform makes it easy to collect customer feedback through various tools like surveys and polls.
  • Feature Utilization Metrics: Pendo helps measure the usage of specific product features over time, assisting businesses in understanding which features are popular among users.


  • Cost for Startups: The subscription can be expensive for startups, and the free version has limitations that may affect data reliability.
  • Editing Limitations: There is no way to edit simple elements, like poll answers, within the platform.
  • Feedback Integration: The feedback feature is not natively integrated and requires an external platform.
  • Customer Support Lacking: Many existing users complain about slow response times and unresolved issues from customer support.


Appcues is known for enhancing user experience through its focused capabilities in user onboarding, feature adoption, and user engagement. The platform is specifically designed to help companies streamline how they introduce users to new and existing features.


  • User Engagement Tools: This product adoption platform offers a suite of tools that can help you guide customers through your applications.
  • Customizable User Onboarding: It also enables the creation of personalized onboarding experiences to address specific customer needs and preferences.
  • Real-Time Data and A/B Testing: The platform offers real-time data monitoring and A/B testing capabilities, which will allow you to experiment with different strategies and immediately see which works best.


  • Complexity for Smaller Projects: The rich feature set and capabilities of Appcues can be overwhelming if you have smaller projects or are a team that requires a simpler solution.
  • Learning Curve: There can be a learning curve associated with using the platform optimally, especially for teams without prior experience in user engagement tools.
  • Customization is Challenging: While Appcues is highly customizable, you might find the customization options for certain features, like the Guides section, challenging without technical skills in CSS/HTML.


Intercom is a well-known communication platform that helps businesses interact with customers in real-time. It's designed to streamline customer support, sales, and marketing processes through live chat, targeted messages, and automated responses. 


  • Enhanced Customer Interaction: This product adoption platform allows you to communicate with customers directly on your website.
  • Automated Messaging: The platform can send automated messages based on user behavior, which helps in engaging customers effectively without needing constant manual intervention.
  • Segmentation and Personalization: Intercom supports targeted communication, which means your messages can be customized based on customer data.


  • Complex Flow Setup: You might find it challenging to configure interaction flows exactly as you want, which can require creative solutions or workarounds. This issue has been reported by many users. 
  • Feature Limitations: Certain features, such as the customization of pins, may not fully support all customization options like custom fonts, which can be a limitation for your brand if you have a strong visual identity.
  • Issues For Customers: New customers might find Intercom's features intimidating and getting the most out of the platform can require a significant amount of learning and adjustment which can be a potential loss for your business. 
intercom product adoption platform


Userflow is a platform that enables companies to smoothen their user onboarding processes and feature adoption strategies through customizable flows and interactive guides.


  • Customizable Flows: Userflow allows businesses to create and customize their onboarding flows to meet specific customer needs and business objectives.
  • Interactive Guides: This product adoption platform provides interactive, step-by-step guides that help new customers understand and use the product more effectively.
  • No-Code Solution: Userflow's no-code approach makes it accessible for non-technical users to set up and manage onboarding flows, reducing the need for developer resources.


  • Complex Flow Creation: Setting up customized flows can sometimes be complex, particularly when trying to achieve specific user engagement goals, which may require a deep understanding of the platform.
  • Limited Feature Updates: Certain features may not be frequently updated, which could limit the platform's effectiveness in adapting to new user engagement trends or technologies.
  • Dependency on Technical Insight: Despite being a no-code tool, achieving optimal use of all features might require some technical understanding, especially when integrating with other systems or troubleshooting more complex flows.

Netcore Cloud 

Netcore Cloud is an AI-powered customer engagement and experience platform designed to reorganize digital marketing efforts across various channels. It aims to increase customer engagement and conversion rates by delivering the right messages at the right times.


  • Comprehensive Toolset: This product adoption software provides a broad range of tools for digital marketing, including advanced email marketing solutions and campaign automation, which can help you manage your marketing efforts more effectively.
  • AI-Driven Insights: The platform uses artificial intelligence to offer actionable insights and predictive analytics.
  • Omni-Channel Communication: Netcore Cloud supports omni-channel marketing efforts, which means you can maintain a consistent and personalized customer experience across all touchpoints.


  • Complexity in Setup and Integration: Implementing Netcore Cloud can be complex, particularly when integrating it with existing systems. Companies might require technical expertise to fully use all its features.
  • Resource-Intensive Operation: Due to its extensive functionalities and AI-driven processes, the platform might demand considerable resources, both in terms of infrastructure and operational management.
  • Limited Customization in Some Areas: While Netcore Cloud offers extensive tools, you might find the customization options for certain features somewhat restricted, which could limit how well the platform aligns with specific branding or marketing needs.

What To Consider When Choosing A Product Adoption Software

When choosing a product adoption platform, you should always keep in mind some basic factors before you decide on one single software. Have a look at some of the key aspects and try to confirm the presence of all these factors before you finalize your product adoption platform:

  1. Ease of Use: You should want a product adoption software that’s easy to navigate for both your team and your customers. An intuitive interface means less time figuring things out and more time getting things done.
  2. Integration Capabilities: Make sure the product adoption software that you are selecting can smoothly connect with your existing tools like CRM, email marketing, and analytics platforms. 
  3. Scalability: As your business grows, your product adoption software should grow with you. Pick a solution that can handle more users and data as your needs expand.
  4. Customization: Look for software that lets you tweak features and workflows to fit your specific needs. Customization ensures the product adoption platform works the way you want it to.
  5. Analytics and Reporting: Good software should offer solid analytics and reporting tools to help you track user behavior, feature adoption, and engagement. 
  6. Customer Support: Reliable support is a must. Choose a provider that offers prompt and helpful customer service through various channels like email, chat, and phone.
  7. Cost: Consider both the upfront cost and ongoing expenses. You should ensure the pricing fits your budget and provides good value for the features you get.
  8. Security: Your data's security is paramount. Make sure the product adoption software adheres to high-security standards and complies with industry regulations to keep your information safe.
  9. User Feedback Mechanisms: The ability to gather and analyze user feedback through surveys, polls, and other tools is pretty important for continuous improvement.
  10. Onboarding and Training: Check if the provider offers comprehensive onboarding and training resources. This will help your team get up to speed quickly and you will be able to start using the software effectively.
  11. Trial Period: It is best to look for a product adoption platform that offers a free trial or demo. This will let you test its features and usability before making a commitment.

How MeltingSpot Is Better Than A Product Adoption Platform 

MeltingSpot is much more than just a simple product adoption platform. It is the only platform that can give you a complete customer education package, which is what sets us apart from all other product adoption softwares. 

Here’s why MeltingSpot should be your top choice:

  1. Complete Toolkit: We offer a range of tools including online courses, webinars, forums, and a knowledge base, all integrated within your product. This means your customers have everything they need at their fingertips to learn and succeed.
  2. Faster Onboarding: Our platform speeds up customer activation threefold by providing in-context learning experiences right within your product. This helps new users get up to speed quickly and efficiently.
  3. Reduced Support Load: By enabling comprehensive self-service education, MeltingSpot can cut down support ticket volumes by up to 50%, making your customer support team’s job much easier.
  4. Engaging Learning Formats: We support a variety of interactive formats such as live streams, forums, and interactive content, ensuring that users stay engaged and can choose the learning style that suits them best.
  5. Smooth Integration: MeltingSpot can be easily embedded into your product, web app, or website with minimal coding. This will ensure that educational content is always accessible and customized to your brand’s specific needs.
  6. Insightful Analytics: Our analytics and reporting features provide valuable insights into customer behavior and learning progress. This can help you identify high-potential customers for upsells and those who might need extra support.

It won't be wrong to say that MeltingSpot combines user-friendly features, powerful tools, and excellent support to ensure YOUR customers get the most out of YOUR product. It’s a scalable, customizable solution designed to grow with your business, making it the ideal choice for your business! 

So, why not you choose our cost-effective solution and take your brand’s growth to the next level? Just book a meeting and watch the magic happen! 

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