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Since the arrival of Covid-19, hundreds of events have been canceled. As we know, the lost is terrible for companies ...

The good news is, there is an effective way to stay connected with your customers and partners, teams and communities: online event platforms! Do you want to ride the virtual events' wave and maximize your visibility? Let's discover our selection of virtual events platform. 👇

What is a virtual event platform?

Virtual event platform brings together different stakeholders online. without. Practical and efficient, it allows you to manage everything remotely from a single tool. Participants can access the virtual event from any desktop or mobile connected to the Internet 📱 💻. You can therefore use them for all your internal or external corporate events:

  • Seminars or work workshops: since the development of new forms of collaborative work and new technologies such as the use of videoconferencing or chat, many events of this type are already held in virtual such as webinars or masterclasses.
  • Trade shows: Virtual event solutions are incorporated with numerous interactive tools, such as chats, polling, and live questions and answers (Q&A), to enhance business events.  For example, this platform which has been organizing trade shows for several months.
  • Employment forum: schools and universities organize several “recruiter-candidate” meetings each year. These events can take place online with activities such as a welcome conference, a live presentation of a few recruiters, recruiting / recruiting appointments. This is the format chosen by the Ouest Avenir forum this year.


  • Customer and partner days: a virtual platform makes it possible to invite customers to a virtual event, to expose their partners via virtual stands, to organize conferences (a word from the CEO, next year's strategy, product), etc. The fintech Quantalys will hold the first virtual partner days on November 19.
  • Networking: conferences by opinion leaders, 1: 1 exchanges between participants (chat or video) are already organized virtually. This is the choice mabe fy Univers VO this year by launching its annual event virtually. Julien Clère, its founder, is convinced: "BtoB events, whether virtual or physical, remain a force [...] the future belongs to those who know how to adapt and evolve".
  • Sales meeting: companies like Bonjour.io offer to invite prospects to group demos, to invite customers to testify live in other rooms.
  • Employee onboarding: inviting his recruits wherever they are in the world to follow a company discovery session or to meet the CEO live, it is now possible!
  • Shareholders meetings: bringing shareholders together at the annual general meeting in physics is quite outdated, especially in the case of multinationals. Virtual assemblies are much more relevant.

The massive development of virtual events in 2020

2020 was marked by an unprecedented health crisis. Companies have had to adapt to maintain and develop their activities while respecting the rules of social distancing. Virtual events format has therefore quickly established itself for organizing internal or external corporate events.

In recent months, virtual event has become the standard: as proof, the number of requests on the subject (videoconferencing, virtual events, online exhibitions) has literally exploded during the confinement. This research now seems to be on the rise.

Companies have great results: engagement and conversion rates are generally higher than in face-to-face events. This is explained in particular by the possibility of controlling targeting. The participants are more qualified. Moreover, a virtual event increase brand awareness. And this, over the long term thanks to replay!

Virtual event platforms: the various key players


Virtual trade shows, conference, virtual seminar,… Hexafair is a globale solution to develop your network and your sales. You can even create pre-recorded demonstration videos. Finally, the platform encourages enengagement by promoting interaction between participants.


This actor allows companies to simply organize their own trade fair. Accessible online from any device (PC, tablet, mobile), it facilitates the experience for everyone: organizer, exhibitors and visitors. You will be able to personalize your living room and attract many prospects, whatever their location.


Meetyoo is an award-winning solution that has made its way ("IT Innovation Prize 2017"). Conferences, virtual campuses, hybrid events, virtual exhibitions, everything is possible with this online tool. You will be able to offer a unique virtual trade fair experience with an entrance hall, stands, but also a virtual auditorium and reach a large audience. Live events can receive several thousand visitors simultaneously.


Hopin is a platform accessible to everyone. It allows you to create interactive virtual events. Suitable for all types of online events, it can bring together as many participants as you want. You can sell your access tickets online and then create a tailor-made event.


At MeltingSpot, we want to let you optimize your communication and drive results. We offer you a white label solution, suitable to all your events. You will be able to organize your seminars, meet your clients virtually, train your teams, create live videos or even host round tables. Why are we so different from other actors? Firstly, our platform is very easy to use. It allows anyone to use it and to configure whatever the level of their digital skills. Above all, we focus on supporting the user at all stages of their event: before, during and after.

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