Virtual events: our how to guide_background

The health crisis transformed practices in corporate events. Many trade fairs, conferences and other seminars had to be postponed or… unfortunately canceled. The most agile companies have chosen the transformers in virtual event.

How to get inspired? What formats to put in place? Let's discover our answers.

Virtual events: what is it exactly ?

Virtual events are quite simply an alternative to physical meetings. Appeared several years ago, they exploded with the health crisis. Since march 2020, we have had to act quickly to offer solutions that make it possible to respect sanitary rules. The digital transformation has accelerated and it has become urgent to digitalize meetings.

Suitable for all types of companies, the virtual format can be used for:

  • Do team building with your employees;
  • Organize workshops;
  • Host your customer or partners days;
  • Replace monthly afterworks;
  • Connect geographically distant teams;
  • Organize a trade show with prospect;
  • Offer a conference to your customers;
  • Recruit and onboard new team member;
  • Bring shareholders together at the annual general meeting;
  • ... the only limit is your creativity !

What format to choose for its virtual event?

3 different formats are possible.

  • Hybrid: which means both physical and virtual. Be careful to it will to limit the number of people!
  • Carried out on a planned event site: only the main stakeholders are present. The participants are online.
  • Fully virtual: this is the most classic format because it is easier to set up for companies.

By choosing the virtual one, you increase the benefits by giving it maximum visibility. It is also a solution that promotes meetings while optimizing your team's time (and that is very important). 😉

This way of innovating is excellent for your brand awareness. It shows our digital your brand is!

Virtual event's advantages

  • The main one is that the virtual format allows you to host an event to despite a context that make physical event impossible. This is the reason behind the rise of this new type of event.
  • The organization is simplified. You don't need to worry about renting a venue, thinking about appetizers, or hiring staff? Everything is easier and cost is way cheaper. The only requirement is to have the necessary computer equipment and an excellent internet connection available.
  • Virtual events also make it possible to reach a larger audience. Without this geographic constraint, your prospects and customers will generally be more motivated to participate!
  • Basically, for all companies, small, medium or large, the development of virtual events is the opportunity to create their own events. Indeed, virtual events are much less expensive. Previously reserved for large companies, they are now possible for smaller structures and in particular for SMEs.
  • Virtual events are also more ecological. By choosing virtual format, you are participating in a more sustainable economy. This is something that can make a huge difference to your prospects!

This meeting format has a long future ahead of it. Economical and environmentally friendly, it will continue to appeal to companies that have everything to gain from it. Expand their community, target a specific audience ...

Their limits

Participants don't actually meet at virtual events. The effect is not yet the same. Face-to-face meetings create this feeling of familiarity, which is particularly appreciated. In virtual terms, the main challenge is to create and nurture a strong engagement!

To prevent participants from feeling alone in front of their screen, virtual events must be particularly designed to maximize human interactions and exchanges: chat, question and answer sessions, 1 to 1 exchanges, etc.

Finally, it is important to remember that using technologies involves a risk, that of technical bugs. To avoid these failures, you should prefer a platform with high bandwidth.

How to choose the right platform for a virtual event?

To be a success, your virtual event should be hosted by a trusted partner. Do not hesitate to evaluate different elements:

  • The technical solution: what are the features? Is it possible to broadcast real-time streaming? What are the possibilities for interactions? Is it possible to post a replay? How viable is the solution? Is it possible to make video calls between participants? Does it offer integration solutions with social networks?
  • The range of services offered: prefer a provider that goes beyond the simple provision of a distribution platform. Rather, rely on a partner who supports you throughout your project!

The organization of a virtual event, although simplified compared to that of a physical event, remains a heavy task. Before D-Day, it will be necessary to find relevant stakeholders, put in place an effective marketing strategy, design the content and think about the possibilities of interactions to put in place.

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