NFT and B2B Marketing: A Promising Future?

It's official, doubts are fading: NFTs are in high demand. The volume of NFT transactions surged by 38% between December 2022 and January 2023, reaching a staggering $946 million. However, there is a catch: this boom is mainly observed in the B2C space.

8 Avantages d'une communauté en ligne

Il existe des communautés partout autour de nous, que ce soient notre famille, nos collègues, nos amis ou des personnes partageant les mêmes hobbies ou intérêts. Tout comme les communautés en personne, les communautés en ligne fonctionnent sur le même principe, mais elles opèrent virtuellement.

Community Building: the new trend

Today, Community Management is an integral part of our vocabulary. But have you ever heard of its successor... Community Building? What is this new concept in full expansion, which gives birth to new professions of the future?
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