Interactive activities: what it takes to boost your online event!_background

A successful online event depends not only on the number of participants but also on a well prepared planning and effective communication...

On D-Day, the activities around the event will make a real difference. Because organization, planning and communication is no longer sufficient ... You must lead the event!

So what are the standards of a successful event ? Here are our answers 👇

Quality content for a successful remote event

Whether it is a webinar, team building or online training, a successful remote event is based on two first essential criteria.

1️⃣ The “style” of the event : the idea is to choose the right event format on the right platform such as MeltingSpot.

2️⃣ The “content” of the event : it is essential to prepare quality content, to convey clear and inspiring messages!

The content of the event is essential to entertain and engage your audience. The event must catch their attention with an interactive structure. The goal is to keep attendees interested until the end of the corporate event.

This quality content could be interviews, presentations (with a quiz for the participants)... Get inspired from Design Thinking processes for a real time content creation with the participants ! 🤝


The participants should not be passive content consumers during the online event... but also participants to the event. The virtual event even becomes a medium, where quality content feeds the audience who build the event with the host.

Interactions, the key to animation in a remote event

The second criterion is the interaction. For the purposes of transforming a passive event into an active (and interactive) moment, do not underestimate the power of connections.

Whether oral or written, interaction should come from everyone. The idea is to get the facilitator to interact with the audience, to give the participants the opportunity to discuss with the organizer or the facilitator... And to encourage the participants to connect with each other!

💡 Our advice: to pep up the event, plan some public meetings, such as polls, Q&A sessions ... Or some more fun formats, such as blind tests! Don’t forget to schedule private meetings for more interaction between participants.

“1 to many”, “many to 1”, “many to many” and “1 to 1” meetings will boost participant engagement during your virtual event. However, keep in mind to always promote interaction... without forcing it, so as not to rush or scare your audience.

Hosting a corporate event comes first... from its host!

The hour is drawing near ! You now have quality content, discussion opportunities and clear interaction formats... But it takes one last asset to host a successful corporate event : the role of the host! 🚀

As a real leader, the host is a key player. He is the one who brings the event to life, who leads it and who encourages connections between speakers... The facilitator can be either a part of your company or a professional speaker.

⏳ He is also the one who manages the time and the whole event on D-day. As the driving force behind the event, he ensures that the presentation length is respected and saves some time for Questions / Answers sessions. He should be dynamic, speak clearly and remain calm. As he has prepared his speech upstream, he fully masters the topic of the event. Don’t entrust this mission to a robot : a facilitator must be natural and spontaneous. No need to memorize a presentation !

Finally, in order to fulfill his mission, the facilitator has to be comfortable with the remote event format. A good physical event host is not always a good virtual host... and vice versa. At a distance, the challenge is to keep the audience’s attention through the end of the online event. To achieve this, the facilitator should keep in mind that he is not speaking to computers, but to humans, who are waiting for a unique experience.

Now you know that the success of a remote business event does not depend only on its organization or its communication strategy but also on the activities! Do you want more information ? Time to find out about our platform 😉

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