10 common mistakes about virtual events_background

You might have assumptions about virtual events: too expensive, too long, complicated for both the organizer and the participant that no one will attend...

What if you were wrong? Here are 10 answers to your 10 common mistakes ☺️

Misassumption n°1: it's expensive

Generally, when it comes to event organization, the more ambitious, the more expensive. This also applies to virtual events. However, the virtual event is undoubtedly much more affordable. While a physical event will cost at least 100,000 euros for the organizer, the virtual event budget is around 10,000 euros. The same goes for the exhibitor. The price can vary from 10,000 euros or more in physical to 3 or 4,000 euros in virtual.

👉 To find out more, here is our comparison between the cost of a virtual event and that of a physical event

Misassumption n°2: it's 3D

Beware! Virtual events and 3D events are two different things. Augmented reality or 3D might actually be useful during some trade shows or exhibitions. But a virtual event is not a 3D event. During a virtual event, your guests simply log in on a platform where they can attend online conferences, ask questions, chat with professionals in private rooms, watch demos, go to company overview pages and download documents or watch videos. These have nothing to do with 3D.

Misassumption n°3: it's hard to organize

Obviously, a virtual event means work and organization. But while it takes a few weeks to organize a digital event, it will take months for physical event to be held 😄. Of course, a new world is opening up for you. But rest assured, you are not alone ! Choosing the right platform also means choosing the team behind it. A team that listens, educates and is available 🙋🙋‍♂️ And who will support you in this new adventure. Just like us!

Misassumption n°4 : a virtual event is just like a webinar

A virtual event and a webinar are different from each other. A webinar is a professional online conference about a specific topic. A virtual event is much larger and offers all kinds of formats: virtual fair, team building, customer afterwork, onboarding session, general meeting, customer appreciation day, workshop, etc ... So the start-up Steeple first started with a one-day online conference. Then they decided to involve more people in this project. "This is how we started creating a virtual fair that would mix up conferences and meetings between internal communication professionals”. Indeed, on a virtual event platform, participants can choose between several conferences and are able to move from a room or stand to another, to attend live videos, to discuss with other participants. We are a long way from the webinar!

Misassumption n°5 : it's just another word for a video conference

Well, no, it’s not! Organizing a videoconference is enough for business meetings, a presentation or even a webinar. You can interact with salespeople, organize a meeting and share information with the teams. But to host a more ambitious event, to gather a lot more people, you will need an actual event platform. These platforms have much more advanced features to:

✅ set up automation processes for a more efficient event communication
✅ manage registrations with mass emailing
✅ record the replays
✅ create an agenda
✅ use user experience analysis tools
✅ collect data about the event and user engagement

Misassumption n°6: people don’t have time to attend a virtual event

Virtual events are being prepared several weeks in advance. Bringing professionals to your events requires some preparatory work, attractive speakers and good communication. For guests, a virtual event is an opportunity to meet other professionals, to network, to learn from experts and to discover new topics. The virtual event always attracts people especially these days. So Julien Le Tutour, Event Manager at Steeple expected 500 registrants which is exactly what happened ! 250 people have finally logged in. But above all, they reached their goal : to catch communication or human resources managers’ attention. A large percentage of registrants actually met this category.

Misassumption n°7: virtual events are cold

People need to experience some new and strong feelings! That's why they'll love your virtual event. Many participants have never experienced virtual events before. But the platform’s ease of use and the interaction features will make the attendees feel like experiencing a real event. “I was surprised at the event kick-off : the emotions I felt were similar to when we launched a physical one", says Julien Le Clère, President of Univers VO, an automotive networking club.

Misassumption n°8: There is no engagement on virtual events

Events are actually very effective formats to create interaction. Polls, chats, games, contests and Q&A sessions encourage the audience to ask, intervene, discuss and debate. “If you are hosting a live session, engage the audience by asking a question at the beginning, such as : Where are you attending from ? React to what participants say, so they know you are listening, and keep on throughout the session to maintain engagement”, advises Shawn Chang, Project Manager at MCI Group.

Misassumption n°9 : this trend will end when physical events resume

According to an IFOP study for Weezevent, 93% of French people expect to attend events again. But digital has also proven its worth in terms of cost, carbon footprint and marketing (reaches a much larger target). Digital events are not going away. Tomorrow’s event will rather be a mix between digital and face-to-face events, for us to take advantage of each format.

Misassumption n°10 : people only attend an event for champagne and "petits fours"

Yes, we miss the days of petits fours and champagne! But a buffet, however good it may be, is not worth a professional’s precious time. To convince your target to register, you will need a good speaker, conference topics that address their issue, the promise of learning about their industry or developing their network. If your events provide such answers, then rest assured the public will be there!

🚀 Are you ready to get started ?

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