Julien Perron

Julien Perron

How to improve your event strategy through the data?

Now that digital transformation is popular, data is everywhere. But the idea is no longer only about collecting figures. Every business must adopt a Data Centric approach, where data analysis is key. This starts at the very beginning of a virtual or physical event organization. How to properly use data

Guide to organizing an outstanding online conference

With the pandemic, online conferences have boomed in 2020 and 2021. Not only do they help companies maintain a good customer relationship, but they also increase their brand visibility and stand out from the crowd.

Best tools for online workshops?

The ideal tool to keep in touch with your customers, prospects or remote staff is the virtual workshop.

10 conseils pour organiser un événement digital réussi

L’événement digital est une nouvelle donne dans nos vies professionnelles. Accessible en ligne depuis un ordinateur, il permet d’assister à des conférences, de participer à des ateliers, de faire du networking … sans bouger de son bureau.

7 idées d'événements virtuels pour les startups

En version 100% virtuel ou rencontre hybride, les événements virtuels répondent à tous les besoins des startups : réunions avec les équipes, entretiens et onboarding de nouveaux collaborateurs, formations des forces de vente, afterwork, salons virtuels ou encore ateliers team-building.

“Phygital” event, how to create a successful virtual meeting?

A clever blend of physical and virtual events, phygital events are being more and more popular. Though innovative and interactive, creating a successful hybrid event requires some knowledge. How to create an impactful hybrid event ?

Physical or virtual event: why not both ?

From now on, everytime you will host an event, the dilemma be the same: virtual or physical ? Virtual events were a huge success in the last year.
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