8 key points to check for a successful virtual event_background

Now that you have launched your corporate event, the pressure from the preparation process has subsided.

Still, the crucial part is yet to come : Did your event please your participants ? Did you reach your goal ?

Here are the key indicators to help you measure the success of your event 👇

💬 The level of engagement during the virtual event

The participants’ energy and their connection with the speakers generally mirror the quality and level of engagement.

To measure the involvement of your community, here are some points to follow throughout your phygital event:

  • The number of connections, and the users’ activity (inputs and outputs)
  • The number and quality of questions asked during your event
  • The number and quality of messages sent on the chat during the event
  • The type of used features

Here are some tips to boost user engagement : Use various visuals so as not to lose their attention, encourage them to chat together and be active in the chat room. In short, take your role as a facilitator !

🗣 The quality of interactions

Online events offer a new type of user experience : the tool is rather based on an interaction spirit rather than consumption. Consequently, they are more willing to express themselves and share opinions with each other.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to assess the quality of interactions during your virtual event:

  • Are the exchanges smooth between the facilitators and the participants ?
  • Are the speaking times the same ?
  • Are the answers to the questions clear and sufficiently detailed ?
  • Do they keep discussing after the event ?


👍🏼 Feedback to satisfaction pool

At the end of your online event, ask participants : "On a scale of 1 to 10, do you recommend the virtual event? ".

You will only have to analyze the results:

  • From 9 to 10 🙂 : your guest is delighted with the event, they will most likely talk about it !
  • Between 7 and 8 😐: he is rather satisfied, but there are things to improve to totally convince him.
  • Below 6 ☹️ : the participant is not satisfied with the event. It is essential that you understand the reasons for such a poor score and view his comments as a room for improvement !

The NPS (Net Promoter Score) will help you identify who might be your best recommenders and become your brand ambassadors.

🖥 The technical part of the online event

Take stock of the following:

  • Have there been any bugs?
  • Was your PowerPoint presentation smooth enough for all participants ?
  • Have you had any feedback saying that the platform or its features were tough to use (chat, microphone, screen sharing, etc.)?

The technical bug is the nightmare of all virtual event organizers : it may sometimes lead participants to reconnect or leave the platform. Our advice is to test your tools several times during the preparation phase !

📢 Feedback on social media

Aside from sales statistics, you also need to take into consideration the quality and number of media coverage.

Analyze the content of the articles, shares and posts on social media: how does the public view your event ? What did they like/dislike during the meeting?

Feel free to respond to comments and share some user-generated content. Also use negative comments to improve yourself!

💸 The quality and quantity of the leads

Was your main goal to boost your sales through the event ? Here are the major checkpoints:

  • Do participants contact you after the event?
  • Do they buy your products during the meeting?
  • Is there a web traffic spike ? or more downloads of your brochure? or more requests for quotes?

👉 Check the actual impact of your event on your business activity.

✅ The number of re-registrations for the next event

A satisfied participant who re-registers for one of your events is the best proof of engagement : he becomes a precious ambassador !

Show him that you value his loyalty through a premium service : personalized communications, discounts on your next paid events and free event invitations.

Be creative ! Sometimes the most simple details matter most !

💸 Measure the ROI

Each of your virtual events meet a specific issue. This is why you need to measure the ROI according to the objectives you set before the meeting.

Here are the two methods:

  • The classic vision: regular ROI = event cost / income.
  • The global vision makes it possible to calculate the ROI at each step of the event: global ROI = (investment benefits - investment costs) / investment costs.

The latter is a more advanced method that will identify the most relevant content, the most effective channels, etc. 🚀 MeltingSpot is a platform that brings your virtual events into life. We walk with you through each step of the project from creation to activities, including the promotion of your online meeting.

Our mission ? To offer you a high-end solution to make your virtual meeting a successful event and generate business opportunities!

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