7 virtual event ideas for startups_background

Whether as a 100% online or a hybrid meeting, virtual events meet all startups’ needs: meetings with teams, interviews and new team member onboarding, sales force training, afterwork, virtual exhibitions or even team-building workshops.

Do you want to create your first online event? Here are the existing formats that can be put in place to increase your visibility, improve your customer relationship and optimize your internal communication

Employee onboarding

Online onboarding is a major issue for the HR. This type of process will make your new team member feel special. Thanks to the virtual tools, you will be able to follow-up and give personalized training to your new employee.

👉🏼 In March 2020, HelloWork welcomed new recruits, exclusively online! Fabian, Social Media Manager, explains: “In the first place, we considered postponing, but the deal was sealed and we needed to hire more. {...} We decided to set up a clear remote onboarding process : team presentation, HR brief, missions, etc."

Online afterwork

You used to spend some time with your employees at the end of the week ? As online afterworks mean work break and chilling time, they are very much appreciated by employees. They create a feeling of belonging to the company and strengthen team spirit!

👉🏼 During lockdown in November, Quotatis has put much effort in organizing an aperitif box to be delivered to all its employees!


Webinar / Online Conference

The webinar is a great way to promote your business, retain customers and boost sales. This prospecting tool will lead you to new customers. By discussing a specific topic, you will attract genuinely qualified prospects who have an issue your offer can meet. The conversion rate is much higher than that of a physical event 🚀!

👉🏼 At Substain 2020, EcoVadis seized the opportunity to make itself known beyond borders. “As a physical event, we usually attract 700 people. This digital version recorded a total of 1,600 visitors from all over the world, and we were able to reach new audiences, especially in Asia and America", explains Cécile Dorvault, Global Field Marketing Director of the company.

Virtual team training

Both staff members and ambassadors are the face of the company. Despite the financial restrictions, you must keep on training them virtually! Workshops, virtual classes or SPOC (Small Private Online Course) are very suitable : the idea is to offer theoretical training along with practical scenarios. Distance learning allows flexibility for both trainees and trainers ✅

👉🏼 At JobTeaser, the training slowly took place: "Between our daily training sessions, we could get to know the company and get used to the tools. Our team is doing daily check-ups”, explains Benjamin, an intern in the startup.

Virtual fairs

As a communication tool, the virtual fair is based on the connection between exhibitors and visitors. Aside from enhancing your brand image, online meetings can help you reach a larger audience, and find new prospects. The most interesting part is that virtual fairs track each visitor's action. You can use this data to develop your business!

👉🏼A virtual trade show is the main channel for acquiring new clients at Steeple. This startup could not afford giving up their annual show because of the Covid-19. With MeltingSpot, launching a virtual fair dedicated to internal communication helped them gain more leads, make themselves known to the target audience and bring a whole new experience to participants!

Virtual product launch

Yet little used, online product launches have proven itself as a useful tool to reach a wider audience : anyone around the world can buy. In addition, you decide what to communicate about your offer. Invite influencers or media that you might not have thought of. The good thing is this product launch event can remain online for as long as you want, boosting your visibility.

👉🏼 The LaNeige, the cosmetic brand, mostly based in New York and Los Angeles, recently organized a virtual launch. They invited influencers from all over the United States and reached prospects living anywhere the brand can reach.

Customer appreciation day

Do you want to bond more with your customers through the virtual event ? To retain them despite the distance ? The customer appreciation day is a precious quality time you can spend with them. Don’t miss this chance to tell them about your new product and collect some relevant data 👀 : now is the time to understand their needs, issues and inquiries in order to improve your products!

👉🏼 When second lockdown was announced, Quantalys had to cancel its annual “Quantalys Inside” meeting. Thanks to MeltingSpot, the company has transformed this event into a 100% virtual meeting.

Now that you know that a virtual event can boost visibility, collect marketing data or upgrade your brand image, are you ready to launch your own event for your start-up?

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